Our massage choices are customised to suit your individual needs, from intense warm muscle massage to a more rhythmical sleep enhancing experience. 

£75 / £85

All massage treatments are 55 minutes

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£95 / £105

The Hot Wave | Wave Garden Spa Exclusive

Our exclusive massage and signature hot melting balm blend will soothe your mind and body. This intense but gentle deep heat full body massage uses warm eucalyptus and rosemary, and hot ceramic pods to promote a slumber state. Deep muscle massage helps fatigued muscles and tired minds recover while helping the body and mind to experience an idyllic state of relaxation.

£95 / £105

Sybaritic Tranquilise | Tribe517

Allow our skilled therapists to make a selection from our natural oils and balms to deliver a powerfully relaxing bespoke massage. Choose three areas to focus on, from back, legs, arms, face, scalp or shoulders, and then enjoy a tailored experience to bring soothing relaxation to your areas of concern.

£95 / £105

Calibrate 517 | Tribe517

Surrender to the sensation of having your body gently realigned and perfectly ‘put back together again’ with a body massage like no other using a magical sequence of bamboo poles. Supported lying face down encouraging gravity to enhance the experience, warm ‘Heal & Health’ oils of orange and fennel, or amyris and ylang oils help to ease areas of stress and lighten mood.

£95 / £105

Marine Wellbeing Massage | Thalgo

Inspired by the infinite power of the oceans, this massage incorporates the powerful techniques of shiatsu and Swedish massage moves, together with some ocean-reflecting movements. It begins with a welcome massage, followed by specific techniques over the entire body and energising digitopressures on the face, allowing you to truly let go.

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